Creative Paperclay

Easel Back Petroglyph Tablet



  • Delight™ Air Dry Modeling Compound (white)
  • Adirondack Dye Ink – Ginger, Rust & Terra Cotta
  • Petroglyph Animal Stamps & Background Texture Stamp – Magenta
  • Round & Square Spiral Stamps – Terry Medaris Collection, ArtSeeds.Com
  • Easel Back Frame Piece

    Designed by Vickie Kammerer of Stamp Expressions in Council Bluffs, IA


1. Open pack of Delight™ and pull off a small wad.
2. Open Ginger, Rust and Terra Cotta Adirondack Dye ink pads. Take wad of Delight™ and rub onto Ginger pad and then Rust and Terra Cotta pads and work color through with your hands to marble. Rub onto pads for more color. The more you knead the Delight™, the deeper the marbling.
3. Roll marbled Delight™ onto wax paper.
4. Ink Petroglyph Animal stamps with Ginger ink and press into Delight in a random Fashion.
5. Ink round and square Spiral stamps with Ginger ink and fill in design.
6. Ink Background Texture stamp with Ginger & Terra Cotta inks and stamp texture all over piece. Be careful pressing over stamped images.
7. Tear off edges square on top, bottom and one side. Tear one side down from the corner to form an angle.
8. Let dry overnight.
9. To distress edges, rub Ginger and Terra Cotta inks using a cosmetic wedge over edges.
10. Using Easel back frame piece, attach to back of dried tablet with spray adhesive, making sure piece stands up like a frame.

Designed by Vickie Kammerer of Stamp Expressions in Council Bluffs, IA

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