Creative Paperclay

Easter Bunny of Delight™

Designer - Stacey Morgan, SCD







*Note that colored clay can be made by mixing acrylic paint into white Delight™ or by using colored Delight. (available in stores soon) 


Fill the bottom of the basket with a paper towel.

Grass - Flatten a green ball of clay to roughly ” thick, drape over the sides and use a needle tool or a toothpick to indent grass lines.

Bunny - Roll white clay into a bell shape. Cut the top of the bell in the middle and flatten each half to make the ears. Arrange and bend one ear down.

Face - Each eye is a teardrop shape pressed on the head and then press a black bead into the center of each. Roll a small pink ball for the nose and press on underneath the eyes. Gently press the bunny into the grass.

Eggs - Make seven pastel (blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and peach) eggs and arrange around the bunny.

Bow - Make two triangles with pink clay and place the points together in the middle. Press into the grass off to the side of the basket. Add a small pink ball to the center.

After the piece has dried, add pink chalk or blush to the bunny’s ears and cheeks. Cut (four) ” lengths of pink wire and push them into the bunny’s cheeks for whiskers.

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