Creative Paperclay

Ancient Patina Journal 

Create this ancient looking journal to write out your special thoughts, prayers or poems. It's easy with new pre-colored Delight™ clay! The details achieved are amazing and the surface decorating possibilities seem endless.

Designer - Shirley Rufener, CPD

Delight™ air dry modeling compound (Red, Blue and Yellow)
Shade-Tex® Cultural Pattern plastic rubbing plate
Pearl Ex Duo Blue-Green and Super Bronze pigment powders
1 yard gold thread or cord
8 1/2" x 11" Ivory cardstock (heavy paper) 
Aleene's 7800 all purpose clear glue
Small twig
Baby powder or cornstarch
Acrylic roller tool or crafting pasta machine
Craft knife or old scissors
Large soft bristle paintbrush
Plastic coffee stir (mini straw)
1/8" hole punch tool


1. Thoroughly mix together 1 1/2" balls of all three colors listed above to form a deep gray clay. 
2. Using half of the gray clay, roll out a 1/8" thick sheet (#2 on pasta machine) that is 4" x 5". Dust texture plate with baby powder and press clay in center area. Roll over clay to texture surface (or run clay and plate through #1 pasta setting).

3. Carefully lift clay without stretching it, and gently brush away any excess powder with slightly moist paintbrush. Cut around desired area of design. 
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above to form back cover, then pierce two holes in covers with straw.
5. Apply blue/green powder sparingly into crevices of clay by tapping dry paintbrush onto surface. Highlight raised clay texture by gently rubbing on bronze powder using fingertip.

6. Allow to dry flat a few hours, then weight clay covers with a mug or similar object to avoid warping while drying.
7. Trace journal cover onto cardstock for desired number of pages and cut them out. Mark hole placement according to clay cover and punch holes with hole punch. 
8. Glue twig against left edge of front cover and assemble book securing pages between covers loosely with cording, so that book opens fully. Enjoy your treasure or give to someone special.

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